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Hotel LUX Location

At Loutra Ipatis in Central Greece, right opposite to the Thermal Spring there is the Hotel Lux.

The mountain of Iti, at the foot of which is Loutra, in combination with Sperhios river that runs through the valley, creating a magical landscape, ideal for those seeking quiet and relaxing holiday.

Our region is appropriate not only for those who need spa, but also for lovers of alternative tourism.

The rich nature of the region offers unique routes for lovers of hiking, mountain bike, hunting, and generally for all activities associated with nature.

Loutra Ipatis thermal spring vacation


The Hotel

Our hotel, consisting of 20 rooms and in combination with our low prices, is a good solution for those who want to make spa baths, spend a few days rest and relaxation or just want to stay overnight in our area.

The rooms of our hotel are equipped with air condition, TV, wireless internet, personal refrigerators, balcony, shower, and there is available space to park your car in front of the hotel.

Cleanliness is our main concern and for this reason it is daily and attentive.

Loutra Ipatis healing spring

Η πισίνα των Λουτρών Υπάτης

Our region receives thousands of visitors each year who enjoy the beneficial properties of the waters of thermal springs. At this point it should be noted that the provision of hot water of Loutra Ypatis is unique in Greece. It is the only source in Greece, and one of the few worldwide, that the water is acid-carbonic.