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Frequently Asked Questions for Hotel LUX and Loutra Ipatis

How can I make a reservation at LUX Hotel?2019-05-05T09:10:12+03:00
On our website you can choose the dates you want for check in and check out. Then you will see our prices and availability. if you make a reservation, we will contact you directly in order to confirm it.
What time do I check-in and check out?2019-05-05T11:03:43+03:00

The check-ins can be done after 12:00 p.m.
In some cases and given that there is availability, we can serve you earlier.

Check outs can be done until 12:00 p.m.
if you need to keep the room longer (if it is available) you should ask the reception (charges are applicable).

Where is LUX Hotel? How can I come?2019-05-07T20:50:41+03:00

The hotel is located in Loutra Ypatis, 17 km from Lamia, on the way to Karpenisi, after the village of Lianokladi.
On your way, after Lianokladi, turn left and after 3 km you will find Hotel LUX on your right hand, following the signs for the villages “Kompotades” and “Mexiates “.

What is staying in the hotel LUX like?2019-05-05T08:59:16+03:00

The LUX Hotel was constructed, as well as most of the Loutra Ypatis village in the 70’s.

Renovations and maintenance are taking place and there is ample space in the lounge and the restaurant. Also, there is a fireplace in the lounge, warming the cold days up.

The rooms are getting cleaned daily. Inside the there are a refrigerator, a 32 “flat-screen TV, a balcony and a telephone for communication between the rooms and the reception.

Breakfast is served in a buffet from 07:00 p.m. until 09:30 p.m.

We make sure that for the breakfasts only quality products are used.

Does the hotel have a parking lot for guest’s cars?2019-05-05T08:42:30+03:00

The hotel does not have a parking lot, but there is unlimited space to park your vehicle in front of the hotel.

Do you have a baby cot at Hotel LUX?2019-05-05T08:50:30+03:00

There are baby cots ideal for children up to 2 years old and we provide them for free, given that you have informed us in advance, in order to have it placed in your room.

How can I spend my spare time?2019-05-05T09:22:07+03:00

You should definitely give a try to the thermal baths that will offer you peace and tranquility. There are even individual bathtubs in the bathing building.

The area around the spa is ideal for walking and cycling. In the park of Loutra Ypatis Park, 200 meters from our hotel, you will be able to take a stroll and admire the thermal springs.

The “Argo” café and the “Xantzis” patisserie will fulfill your longing for coffee, drinks or sweets.

A little further (about 1 km), in “Xwra: place of Arts” you can go to concerts during summer or have a meal in front of the stone fireplace during winter.

Shortly after “Xwra” you will find the plantain forest, on the banks of Sperchios. Walking and cycling again are indicated.

If you have a car you can, also, explore the rest of the area.

On your way to Agathonas Monastery, you can take a moment to admire the cascade on the left side of the road.

In Ypati Square you can stop for a soft drink or coffee.

Inside Ypati you can visit the Byzantine Museum of Fthiotida and the Kakogiannio Asterosxoleio, having made an arrangement first.

A few meters after Ypati, you will find the entrance to the “Pharmakides” path. A small, slightly uphill path to enjoy the nature on Mount Oiti.

Leaving behind Ypati and after 7km, after having  passed through the village of Kapnochori you will reach the Agathon Monastery. The words are over. You just enjoy and rejoice. Inside the Monastery you will see peacocks, pheasants, partridges, ducks and other species of birds.

During your journey to monastery and if you are lucky enough you will see deer, pheasants and partridges next to the road, in the area of ​​1,200 acres, which is also the Kennel of the Holy Monastery of Agathonos.

The Natural History Museum is right next to the monastery with several exhibits of flora and fauna.

Now, if you look for nature and peacefulness Oiti will compensate you to the fullest.

In the Management Body of Mt Oiti National Park, you will find all the available trails with detailed information about each.

On the Canyoningingreece webpage you will find all the gorges of Oiti with detailed information about each.

Is there a restaurant or a bar at the LUX Hotel?2019-05-05T09:23:39+03:00

In the large reception area  and veranda of ​​our hotel, you can enjoy coffee, drink, snacks, ouzo and tsipouro from early in the morning to late in the evening, in the shade of the mulberry tree, overlooking the Sperchios valley.

The hotel’s restaurant operates on request. We can serve from one to fifty people, given that you have informed us in advance.

We prepare traditional Greek dishes using quality meats, poultry, olive oil, carefully selected herbs, legumes and salads.

Does the hotel have a swimming pool, spa or fitness center?2019-05-05T08:48:59+03:00

No, in LUX Hotel there isn’t a swimming pool, spa, gym or sauna. However, our guests have the opportunity to have a bath in the thermal baths of Loutra Ypatis.
The relaxation you will experience is unprecedented and you will immediately perceive the benefits in your body.
Loutra Ypatis is, also, the ideal place for walking or cycling.
In case you need bicycles contact us and we will let you know about the possibilities.

Is there Wi-Fi access in LUX Hotel?2019-05-05T08:51:17+03:00

We offer free Wi-Fi, good quality signal to our guests.

Where can we go for food?2019-05-05T09:25:54+03:00

The restaurant “MOURIES” is the ideal place to enjoy your meal in the village.

During the summer months you can find more places  where you can order souvlaki, and other meals
At “Xantzis café” you will find pizza and other snacks.

If you have a car, of course, there are more options.

During the weekends in the winter and daily during summer you can enjoy your meal in “Xwra” (1km away).
In the village of Lianokladi (4km away) you can choose between two taverns and try the traditional roasted Roumeli lamb.
On your way to Ypati, in tavern “Hani” and in others in the village you will find various plates.
During the summer, at the square of the historic village “KOMPOTADES” (7 km away), you will enjoy grilled meals under the tremendous plane trees.
In Sperchiada, Makrakomi (20 km away) and in many of the other villages of West Fthiotida, especially during the summer months, you will definitely find various restaurants and taverns.

Finally, in the capital of our municipality, Lamia, (17km away/ 15 minutes away) your options increase.

In what ways can I pay for my stay?2019-05-05T08:52:56+03:00

For your stay at LUX Hotel you can pay your bill in various ways.
We accept all credit cards.
We accept cash.
We accept payment via Paypal.
Also, you can transfer the money to our account at National Bank, Alpha Bank and winbank / Piraeus Bank via web banking.


Hotel LUX
Post Code : 35016
Loutra Ipatis
T. 0030 22310 59551
F. 0030 22310 59520
Mail : luxipati@gmail.com



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